Here are some must know websites if you are a web developer!


Haikei is an amazing web app which helps you create stunning svg shapes, beautiful backgrounds and much more which are very difficult to make with css. They can easily be used in your project by downloading them in either svg or png format. It has a beautiful dark themed UI with perfect UX ✌️


Its a website where some of the best UI/UX designers post their work. Its important for a web developer, to not only to know how to turn UI designs to reality but to also have knowledge about  how to make good looking UIs and how can they provide the best experience to the user. Dribbble is the best websites for taking inspiration for your website's UI design. You can even use Dribbble as a source for enhancing your front-end skills!

Just randomly pick up a design from Dribbble and try to code the exact same thing!

Adobe Colors

Now that I have mentioned about UI/UX, It is also very essential to pick up a correct and relevant color scheme for your website design. The color you choose for your website decides the tone of it. Adobe colors is the best place  for work like this. You can decide the colors, explore new trends and even look at some of the beautiful color schemes shared by other people.

Google Fonts

Google fonts have thousands of font families which can be very easily used in your web projects as not all the fonts are present in your systems or in your browser. The steps to add a new Google Font in your project is seamless.

Here is how you can add a new font-

  1. Click on the desired font.
  2. Select the font style(google fonts provides the font in all the font weights and styles)
  3. Copy the HTML code in the right side bar ( you can even use the import function of CSS) and paste it in your code!


Humaaans is the best place for flat human illustrations😃.  You can create your own scenes and can even customize your illustrations however you want.

What else do you want?


Codepen is the best website for seeking ideas and inspiration for your website. Sometimes you want to look up to some projects similar to what you are trying to make. Codepen is the best place for it.  It is better if you visit the website by your own.

Hope you found this post helpful. Bye :)